I am a Holistic practitioner who accompanies people in developing inner attunement to their body, emotions, mind, spirit, and relationships.

My aim is to be helpful with others in the ways they seek, to help people know their true thoughts, feelings, and desires. I believe in loving deeply and fully in my work and life while at the same time holding needed boundaries for safety and privacy.



  • Psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families for adults, adolescents, and children, including adult children with their parents.
  • Treatment of trauma, including acute and chronic illness and pain and their psychological sequelae, cancer, medical procedure trauma, preparation for surgery; recovery from accidents; incest, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and assault; complex PTSD.
  • Treatment of grief, depression, other mood and anxiety disorders, and spiritual issues, including developmental crises, divorce, aging and retirement, death and dying, and suicide.
  • Treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and addiction.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Hypnosis and sandplay therapy, in addition to psychotherapy, SE, EMDR, and CBT.
  • Sports psychology and wilderness therapy (am personally an avid athlete).